13 Ways to a Happier Life: What Science Says about Happiness

  1. Think of Happiness in greater terms, as life “Flourishing.” In the West, thinkers like Aristotle considered how virtue played a role in eudaimonia, or “flourishing.” While Socrates and Plato considered how humankind cultivated a place in the world through virtue, and thus happiness, through learning of important subjects (Mathematics, Philosophy, Science, etc) & following a set of ethical principles. Aristotle added the idea of practicing virtue using social & emotional skills (“Aristotle’s Ethics,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, updated 2018).

The Science of Positive Psychology

It seems that wisdom and common sense guide us in the right direction. Yet, it is also reassuring that research seems to give us proof that these methods actually work and matter.

6. Cultivate & look for the right things.

In his book “Flourish,” he suggests 5 key areas of importance to well-being:

Positive Psychology: 5 Things that Make Us Flourish

1.Positive Emotions

What about Money & Happiness?

Will more money make us happier? There is a great deal of research on this topic as well. In the Pursuit of Happiness: Characteristics of Happy People, Dr. R. Murali Krishna, says,

12. Seek Authentic Connections & Focus on developing Good Relationships.

One can not talk about happiness without considering the longest running study on human development— the Harvard Study of Adult Development currently directed by Dr. Robert Waldinger. The study began in 1938 and considers the lives of 724 men (JFK being one of them). It implies that the quality & depth of close relationships were the greatest predictor not only of emotional health, but physical health as well. In this study, loneliness seemed to negatively affect health. Dr. Waldinger, who is also a Zen priest, says that “. . .giving people are full, undivided attention is probably the most valuable thing we have to offer. . . over time it can really make a difference.” (From an interview on CBS this morning).



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